This is Cleveland.  He’s a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy we’ve been raising for the last month and he’s been keeping us quite busy!  I’d forgotten how much work and supervision ‘babies’ require.  Yawn.  I have to admit when he first came to us I was thinking ‘this is going to be easy’.  He curled up in the back of the van on the ride home and took a nap.  He didn’t pull on the leash and was generally a mellow guy.  Then he got comfortable with us, lol.  Or else Talgo is being a bad  influence on him.  He’s still much better behaved than the average teenage guy, but it’s hard to take the retriever instinct out of a Retriever.  See that giant duck by his feet?  Tonight he decided it would be awesome to be a bird dog, and this was the biggest bird he could find.  He also has a special love for Christmas tree ornaments.
Overall it’s been a good experience though, and I’ll be sad when he goes away to ‘college’ in the next month or so.  One of my favorite things is taking him out to the places dogs don’t normally get to go and watching how many people he gets to smile.  I have to plan on a little extra time though, since fairly often people ask about him and/or want to pet him.  Sometimes it’s hard to escape, lol.  Parents are the best at telling their kids ‘he’s working’ and letting us go on our way, it’s that usually lone adult who’s petting before asking or has a story to tell.  I usually don’t mind though.  And chances are once he’s back at school we’ll look into getting another one.  Maybe even a little one.
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