Cookies, cookies, cookies

Earlier this week we had our massive cookie baking day at my mom’s.  For the first time ever I don’t think we intentionally tried anything new.  How weird.  Chocolate-cherry cookies, Christmas tree and poinsettia Spritz, marshmallow log, shortbread, ans swirls all in one afternoon!  Brooklyn and Nana did the snowballs and thumbprints while we were in Vegas, and Nana did lemon candy, fudge, and sugar cookies all on her own.

Did you notice I said “intentionally” earlier?  Oops.  The swirl dough was actually the candy cane recipe from the previous page, but it only very minor differences so we went ahead and made them anyway.  I actually liked the results, a little sweeter and thicker and chewier.  But consensus of everyone else was go back the the right recipe next year.   It was a good year for chocolate-cherries as well.  Sometimes they get kind of melty and fall apart when you try to pick them up.  Perfect this year though!  Which makes up for the fudge- which is more than a little melty.  It’ll make great ice cream topping since it can only be eaten with a spoon.  Somehow the fudge must have gotten confused as to what year it was because it’s usually fail fudge when Kirsten and I attempt to make it.  The snowballs were much better with crushed candy cane to replace the nuts (which my kids are allergic to).  Never, ever try to replace nuts in a recipe with GrapeNuts.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Sugar cookies, spritz, lemon candy, shortbread and thumbprints usually seem to cooperate pretty well and this year was no exception.  That leaves the big news for this year- Marshmallow Log!  MY Nana used to make it, and we had a recipe without any instructions.  My mom has made several rather unsuccessful attempts with no clue as to what was wrong (Snickerdoodles anyone?  LOL).  With the help of the internet she found a similar recipe with instructions.  Apparently the egg goes in after the butter and chocolate chips have been melted and cooled.  Who knew?  So happy it worked since it’s one of my favorites 🙂  Still requires a little tweaking, but at least it holds together and looks right.

You’d think that would be enough cookies to last us for a couple months right?  Nope.  Our project for today was Gingerbread men.  And I’m happy to report that they were successful.  Thanks Linda for the tip about putting them in the freezer before baking.  Lars helped me make the dough and cut out most of the men himself, and Brooklyn cut out a few gingerbread women and did most of the decorating.

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