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Random updates

School is still going well.  Amazingly there have been no tantrums or screaming from either of us regarding school things, only a bit of foot stomping when I decided she was not rested enough to learn and sent her back to bed one morning.  At this point I think the learning curve is steeper for me than Brooklyn though 🙂  I’m not thinking the modified approach to Story of the World is one we will follow in the future.  Though Brooklyn is doing fairly well with the read and narrate thing I can see it’s moving a bit fast for her; doing projects along the way would probably give her time to digest better.  I’m not yet prepared to start with projects but I’m going to try and see if I can get it worked in for next week.  Grammar (First Language Lessons) is going beautifully- she’s even finished her first memorization!  Writing is, um, penmanship practice.  Nothing exciting, just getting in the practice she needs.  It’ll be a bit more fun when she gets through the remedial letter books and I can find fun quotes or have her write letters to people.  Reading is going okay.  We are picking up where we left off in OPG, which is very easy for her, and also reading Charlotte’s Web.  She’s having a bit of trouble telling me about what she read, but with a few prompting questions can remember better.  I haven’t decided what book to do next.  Since we’re seeing Willy Wonka (I think in Dec) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will make the list in the near future, but I’m thinking not next.  She seems to be having fun with All About Spelling and we’re flying through that fairly quickly, as I expected.  Today we bought a magnetic board and will magnetize all the letter tiles asap.  It’ll save a ton of time setting up and keeping organized.  I’m glad I already got the card box and kinda wish I’d gotten the nice dividers as well.  Who’d have thought spelling would rival math for random stuff you didn’t think you’d actually need?  Anyway- about math.  She’s grasping the concepts pretty well and I think there is adequate practice between the text (we go over together), the workbook (her independent work) and the HIG (which I am SO glad I bought) games.  My only issue is trying to break down how much to cover in a day.  The schedule in the HIG is hard for me to understand and I think we’re somehow already working on 3rd or 4th week stuff.  Oops.  Lars joined us for a bit today and seems to understand addition amazingly well 🙂  In science I learned today that when the teachers manual says the preferred reference is an excellent source of information, but a bit dry to skip it an go right to library books.  Yikes- my eyes were glazing over and I was the one teaching it.  We love the encyclopedia parts, but this Science Around the World may accidentally fall into the big blue bin.  Since I didn’t know how long it would take to get butterfly larvae (aka caterpillars) we’ve started on that project a little early.  The little guys are thriving!  Moved them to their bigger house today.   Ordered from and got them really quick, plus they even sent us extras.  Totally recommend!  That’s it for now.  Oh, I guess except for field trips.  Yesterday we went to the zoo and had quite a bit of discussion about how animals communicate, their defenses and why some of them are endangered.

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Getting in the rhythem :)

We’ve got the 3rd day of homeschooling under our belt now and all is going well.  It’s taking us about 3hrs on average to get school work done and Brooklyn has been very cooperative about it!  She really seems to enjoy that I let her pick what order she wants to do subjects in, and already seems to show some favoritism toward Science.  I’m so glad we decided to start early.  We’ll be in a good routine by the time Lars’ preschool and Brooklyns YMCA, art and piano classes start in mid-Sept and early October.   But for right now we still have plenty of time for playdates, shopping and errands, and just enjoying lazy summer days.  Especially since I have an early bird and we sometimes get an hour of school in before Lars is even out of bed.

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