I guess we are officially homeschoolers now

Brooklyn's last day of K

Brooklyn's last day of kindergarten

Yesterday was the last day of school.  I guess that makes us officially homeschoolers now.  Hmm, I don’t feel any different.  We are starting to fall into our days at home summer routine (I’m pretty sure at least half the summer is days away from home!).  So it’ll be nice to be able to settle the kids into ‘normal’ when we get back from trips.  Mornings we see the sun we’ll hunt down a playground (there are at least 4 in walking distance) or play in the yard, and mornings without the sun we can run errands or visit friends and family.  Then we have lunch, read for 30mins and everyone has quiet time for an hour.  Today Brooklyn actually fell asleep!  After naps is more playtime, hopefully outside and then after dinner they are allowed to use their hour of screen time.  And no, I don’t follow that hour rule myself.  One advantage to being a grown up 🙂

Our upcoming week starts with Aaron out of town for a 4-day photography thing.  (thing= conference, class, meetup, something that takes him away from home)  And since I feel left out we will be having a bring your bike playdate/pizza party/game & movie night here.  Yep, definitely feeling like an adult.  Tuesday my aunt and uncle who I haven’t seen in about 6yrs fly in!  Yay!  Dinner with them, and if I’m lucky Aaron will let me sneak out to the wine tasting.  Wednesday is packing day and Thursday we go to the beach for a week!  I’m so excited.  I really think I’d be okay living at the beach for the entire summer.  Even though the ocean here is approximately 2 degrees above freezing.

As some of you already know we also have a not so pleasant experience coming up next week as well.  A couple days ago my great-aunt Ellen passed away at the age of 94.  Somehow I really always thought she’d make it to 100.  She was the type of lady who was always nicely dressed and perfectly mannered.  She wrote thank you notes and told us we were beautiful and said my dogs were well behaved even when they tried to climb on her lap (guessing she really wasn’t a dog person even though she never said so).  Ellen was the last person in my family of my grandparents generation that I knew well, so even though she was tiny and frail somehow as long as she was around I was still a little kid to someone.

Ellen (Dec '07)

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One thought on “I guess we are officially homeschoolers now

  1. Pam in Missouri

    So sorry for your loss. At 42, I have 1 remaining grandparent on my side of the family. I never thought about it in terms of still being a little kid to someone but you are so right. I’m going to see that grandma this afternoon. Part of me wants to curl up in her lap. I’ll give her an extra hug in your honor.

    Congrats on the last day of Kindergarten. We’ve got 3 more weeks to go before saying “good-bye” to public school. I can’t wait.

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