One of those things everyone should know

Maybe not quite as high on the list as reading, but still something that will come in quite handy and add to a person’s independence.

Lars' first bike ride

Yep, Lars rode a bike today!  And he’s one step ahead of Brooklyn there.  I had a feeling he’s been able to for awhile.  He’s been really good on his Strider glider for a couple years now. (yes, he’s only 3)  We just didn’t actually have a training-wheel free bike til I put one back together this morning.  The story behind the disassembled bike is that after seeing how great the glider was for Lars, and how troublesome the training wheels were for Brooklyn I tore apart her regular bike (with the help of a good friend and the internet) to create a glider for her.  Let me tell you- gliders are fun!  I took it out for a spin to make sure everything still held together of course.  But Brooklyn only tiptoed around on it and still fought every time I asked her to give it a try, despite her little brother riding circles around her.  So since I think summer may be around the corner I put the pedals back in to give it another try and sent Lars on a test run.  The bike is still a bit big for him (16″) so I helped him get started, but after that he was down the driveway and around the cul-de-sac like he’d been doing it forever.  Still doesn’t quite get the brakes, but we’re working on that, and he has other methods of stopping.  It was amazing to see him just go like a big kid!  After we came in I immediately began searching for a more appropriate bike for him, and we’re going out after dinner to check the first one out.  Yay for Craigslist, lol.  Probably we’ll put the trainers back on Brooklyn’s bike just because I think riding with them is better than nothing at all.  I just wish I’d known about gliders from the beginning.

Lars' first day on a pedal bike (Brooklyn's)

Update: Got Lars the new bike though I’m not terribly impressed with it.  However it was worth the $20 since Brooklyn wanted to ride it and is now riding big kid style 🙂

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