Just like everyone else

Yep, we’ll be joining the herds of people headed out camping this Memorial Day weekend.  I thought we’d done well by picking a place on the warm, dry side of the mountains.  But, alas, it’s suppose to rain there this weekend too.  I have to admit I’m more than a little bummed about that.  At least I’ll be hanging out with my best friends with plenty of time to kick back and relax (or if you know me- play in the fire).  We often go with 3 other families (total 16 people!) and have a nice little trick for doing the least amount of chores.  Each family picks a meal or two and makes for the entire group.  So for a whole weekend I am only taking 3 meals worth of food, one of which is oatmeal packets for breakfast and another is a picnic lunch.    Plus I’m doing a couple desserts b/c I think I have the biggest sweet tooth 🙂

So today is packing day, and I have lots of lists and random piles scattered everywhere.  Mentally I break it down into 3 categories: gear, in the tent and kitchen.  Major gear is the tent (tarp, stakes, hammer), canopy, chairs, lantern, firewood, kids bikes, other toys/games etc.  In the tent is sleeping bags (cots/pads/air mattresses/blankets/pillows), clothes/pj’s/extra shoes/jackets, toiletries/towels & first aid kit, books/smaller toys, laundry hamper, rugs, flashlights.  And kitchen is all my cooking gear, food, cooler, tablecloth, stuff for doing dishes, clothesline, and citronella.  Way to much cooking gear- stove, wok, bbq and dutch oven are all going this trip.  Plus all the stuff to go with each.  Can you tell we do car camping with kids?  Sometime I’m going to do a easy no-dish weekend.  Maybe.

What does all this have to do with homeschooling?  Well, nothing and everything.  Nothing because it’s just a weekend getaway for fun, and everything because whether I want them to or not the kids are going to be learning something.  That’s what happens when kids play.  Oh, and we might go to Stonehenge.

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