Box day- again!

She's always had a thing for books.

One of the fun parts of spreading out my planning for next year is that I keep getting presents from the UPS guy!  We came home today and had 2 more packages on the front porch 🙂  4 new science books from Amazon.  The good news is Brooklyn is just as excited as I am to get new books.  The bad news is she took the animal encyclopedia and scampered away with it (meaning I’ll get to hear “I know mom- I already read it” about a hundred times next year).  Yes, my kid likes reading encyclopedias.  Next time I’m thinking about ordering a 25lb block of clay.  Ha- She won’t be able to run off with that quite as easily.

p.s. It was kind of a double box day as I got back a box of math toys I’d lent out.  Lars will be so excited!

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