That other stuff…

My kids and friends at overlooking Spirit Lake.

Won’t she have any time to get out and play?  Where’s the fun stuff?  The social stuff?

The good news is all that educational stuff listed in the last post should only take about 3-ish hours a day.  4 days a week.  Nice when you don’t have to wait for everyone in a class of 25 to sit down, settle down and find their pencil 🙂  Just one.  And she knows it’s cutting into her playtime if she messes around.  Though I’m sure we’ll have our fair share of loosing the book and water breaks, which then of course will have to be followed up by potty breaks- lol.  Still, that’s a lot more free time than leaving at 8:30am and getting back at 4pm.

So one of the things we’ve done is register her as a part-time student at Home Choice Academy.  It’s the school districts way of trying to get back some state money as far as I can tell.  But by only going part-time (5hrs or less per week) I don’t have to discuss any of my curriculum choices, or really anything else that I’m doing with them.  So I’m cool with that.  And it gets us some free (plus supplies) classes, discounts on some extra-curricular off-site classes and a chance to meet some other homeschoolers.  For the Fall 2011 semester we’ve requested an on-campus art class (mostly drawing with a little clay work and some art appreciation), PE classes at the YMCA that include swim lessons and gym group games, and piano lessons through Beacocks.  Still waiting for confirmation of classes.  We would have fees for the last 2, but pretty reasonable compared to what I’d have to pay on my own.

Also she is going to continue with Girl Scouts.  She’s had a great time in Daisies this year, meeting new friends and having lots of new opportunities.  Besides selling cookies they’ve attended a father/daughter dance, done a trash pick-up service project and toured the Sheriff station.  Next month they have a troop zoo trip planned and in July we’re going to a week of daycamp.  Yep, I’m volunteering so even Lars will be going this time.  We’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year.

And now the really fun stuff!  If you didn’t notice above I said 4 days of planned schoolwork.  That leaves us with one whole day a week for park days, zoo visits and field trips when everyone else is in school.  I found this really great local homeschool field trip group awhile ago.  As in someone finds all these really cool things to do, you sign up for them (usually at a special school or group discount) and then you go.  So easy!  When she was in preschool we attended some Kinderkonzerts through them and drooled over all the possibilities.  Then just recently I pulled her out of school for a day to attend Snow White at the NW Childrens Theater– it was their own interpretation and very entertaining.  There are opportunities for numerous concerts, plays, OMSI classes, random tours (like behind the scenes local business to farm visits), special events etc.  One I’m really looking forward to is School On Trains.  I wonder if Aaron will join us for that one?

I’m sure more things will present themselves as we start meeting more people in the homeschool community as well.  It has been said there is a problem with homeschoolers and socialization- sometimes there’s just too much of it!

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One thought on “That other stuff…

  1. jen

    YEAH! We can do field trips together sometimes 🙂 I worked on our schedule but I think I’m going to need to look at it again and make sure I have enough free time so that we don’t feel rushed all the time.

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