Beginning on a new journey…

Lars says "Let's go!"

As I write this Brooklyn officially has 18 days of Kindergarten at Sifton left.  But I’m already well into planning our journey for next year.  We’ve decided to take a year and try homeschooling.  Crazy, I know.  Hopefully it will be as much fun as I imagine and we’ll do another year, and then another.  First though, baby steps.  The good news is Brooklyn knows the plan and is good with it.  Yay!  Aaron is on board too.  The paperwork has been filed with the district office and  in a few short weeks we will on our own.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing this new step in our lives.  And one of us (you’ll never guess who) has been researching.  I’ve been reading books, boards and blogs about the different homeschooling styles, curriculum reviews and basically how to get this done.   And with any luck get it done with the least amount of tantrums (yep, the kid still throws herself on the floor when I ask  her to put away laundry) and still managing to keeping my sanity.

Here we go, wish us luck!

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